Jim Bishop

As a seasoned entrepreneur with two decades of progressive sales and training experience across multiple industries, Jim Bishop has the chops to advise ambitious entrepreneurs who want to reach the next level. In his role as an Advisor & Consultant, he helps leaders reach their long-term goals and leave the status quo far behind.

Jim has owned a retirement planning practice, a life insurance brokerage, and a real estate development company. He understands the process and struggles of growing a business with a planned exit and can help other owners who want to do the same. He often assists business owners who know their craft inside and out but have reached the limit of what they can do operationally on their own.

Jim’s track record includes recruiting and training hundreds of employees, running regional and national ad campaigns, and working in the venture capital/startup space. Demonstrating high levels of commitment (and seasonal fortitude), Jim once volunteered to travel to Alaska during the winter to meet with clients. An approachable, respected leader, Jim uses his role as an Advisor & Consultant to help clients figure out the next steps and move from theory to practice and action. He believes that “culture is the key to people scalability and process is the key to scaling revenue.”

At home in Michigan, Jim Bishop is a married father of two, plus one dog and one cat. In his free time, Jim enjoys long-distance cycling and cooking.